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Dustergent celluguard®

Dustergent celluguard® – the best protection against dust and ash.

Our company specializes in professional protection against the excessive, oppressive dust common in the vicinity of mines, fly-ash and chemical waste stockpiles. With a small modification of the components used in the dust control mixtures, this technology allows also to control odour and unpleasant smells.

For these purposes we use the soil-free technology dustergent celluguard®, which is not only fully eco-friendly and soil-free, but also very effective during the application.

Dust control celluguard application

Application of dustergent celluguard®.


Dustergent celluguard® is a binding product with a wide variety of applications. It has been created in order to bind particles of many different types of surfaces, both natural and synthetic.

The application of dustergent celluguard® based on the free soil technology is foolproof, cost-effective and very easy. It is characterised by durability and is environmentally safe. Once applied, celluguard® creates a durable, resistant protective layer.

This technologically advanced solution guarantees its effectiveness, as just after the application it binds with the soil and remains unchanged up to a few months.

celluguard do kontroli pylenia. Dust control

Application of dustergent celluguard®.

The list of dustergent celluguard® application uses:

  • Wind and water erosion control
  • Soil stabilisation (escarpments, embankments, etc.)
  • Dust control (preventing the movement of miniscule particles)
  • Preventing the expansion of different types of waste (landfill sites)
  • Eliminating unpleasant smells at all types of landfill sites (Odour Control)
  • Creating driving surfaces (as an alternative for asphalt or concrete)
  • Covering and securing storage and stock piles
  • Fertilising barren soil

The advantages of using Dustergent celluguard®:

  • Improvement of the quality of life (cleaner air)
  • Long-term results
  • Fertilising barren soil for further covering with greenery
  • Easy and effective methods of application
  • Chemically and thermally stable, resistant to UV radiation
  • Effective protection of contaminated areas
  • In conformity with EU – standards
  • Securing an opencast mine from excessive dust.
  • Landfill sites emitting dust

The waste stored in a landfill can be a source of atmosphere pollution. Wind blowing over the landfills can raise miniscule particles and carry them across long distances. Such a phenomenon is known as landfill sites emitting dust. The main factors which influence emitting dust by landfill sites are:

  • The properties of waste.
  • Meteorological parameters (the speed and direction of wind, humidity, temperature, and the parameters resulting from atmospheric balance: dynamic and thermal turbulence).
  • Technical properties of the landfill.
  • The condition of a landfill’s surface.
  • Surrounding area’s topography and the geographical situation of a landfill.

The most important factor influencing emitting dust by a landfill site is the speed of wind. A research has proved that emitting dust by a landfill site may occur when the wind speed exceeds 3-5 m/sec. A factor which to a large extent limits emitting dust is air humidity. With the humidity over 90%, emitting dust virtually does not take place. Meteorological factors which create favourable conditions for dust emitting are: lack of rainfall, low humidity, intense sun exposure, lack of cloud cover during the winter period. The properties of waste that influence emitting dust are: grain-metric composition, density and humidity.

Dustergent celluguard® – full dust control.

 Technical work carried out by our company includes:

  • Sprinkling dust-emitting surfaces with water or special mixtures.
  • Covering waste with membrane-creating substances

Biological work carried out by our company includes:

  • Seeding.
  • Using water, cellulose fibres and plant seeds (hydroseeding).
  • Creating strips of greenery in the vicinity of landfill sites  

Technical work is frequently combined with biological one. Usually biological work is carried out on landfill slopes, while technical one – on stored waste.

More information: www.dustcontrol.expert



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ISO 9001:2008

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